Awards night Tuesday 14th November Grosvenor House, London

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Discover the secrets to writing an winning awards entry…for FREE!

Find out how to write a fantastically compelling awards entry that stands you apart from the rest and will help give you the best tools to use in winning one of The Lloyds Bank British Business Awards 2022! Watch our webinar below to find out more...

Do you need some top tips on how to create a stellar awards entry?

Monday 30th May, 11am

On Monday 30th May, all of the coveted dos and don’ts of award submission writing were revealed by August Recognitions' esteemed Founder and MD, Donna O’Toole, in our eye-opening webinar, in partnership with August Recognition.

Donna provided a variety of invaluable hints certain to help you get one step closer to winning one of our prestigious awards in 2022, maximise your chances of success, and achieve the following through the power of awards:

  • Raise your profile as you generate greater brand awareness
  • Increase sales and create business growth
  • Attract investment - and the very best new recruits
  • Celebrate your staff (they’ve earned it!)
  • Create and nurture important relationships as part of the BBEA community
  • How avoid common awards pitfalls.

Could you be on the stage receiving national recognition as a winner on the 8th November 2022?