Lisa Rodwell

Awards night Tuesday 14th November Grosvenor House, London


Lisa Rodwell is a seasoned business professional with over three decades of experience, specializing in brand building and business development. With a career that began by leading marketing campaigns for globally recognized brands such as AMEX, eBay, and Yahoo!, Lisa has since dedicated the last 15 years to nurturing startup businesses in the UK, holding a range of c-suite positions.

During her tenure as the Chief Revenue Officer at MOO.COM, Lisa played an integral role in driving the early growth of the startup. She then took on the CEO role at Wool & the Gang, successfully guiding the company from initial funding to eventual sale. She later shifted her focus to the fintech sector, assuming the position of Chief Customer Officer at, a digital wealth management firm that was subsequently acquired by JP Morgan.

Since 2020, Lisa has applied her expertise to the emerging women’s health tech sector. She was the CEO of women’s health company, Daye, leading the business as it launched  the world’s first virtual period pain clinic and at home diagnostics tampon. Additionally, she advised Vira Health, a menopause company dedicated to helping women continue to thrive at work through menopause.

Lisa also is a Non-Executive Director for Pact Coffee and serves on the Advisory Board for the Greater London Investment Fund, managed by MMC Ventures.