Anna Brailsford

Awards night Tuesday 14th November Grosvenor House, London


Anna Brailsford is the CEO of Code First Girls (CFG) and a Board Member for the Institute of Coding.

Prior to joining Code First Girls, Anna co-founded her own EdTech startup and was the Commercial Director of Anna oversaw LinkedIn’s acquisition of for $1.5 billion, becoming part of the fourth-largest acquisition in social media history; a deal she says, on paper, is her greatest business achievement to date.

She joined Code First Girls in June 2019, and leads the team on its mission to close the gender gap in the tech industry by providing employment through free education globally. She creates life-changing economic opportunities for Code First Girls’s community of learners, using data to match candidates and employers to ensure both parties benefit from CFG’s courses.

Anna’s passion for this mission has brought the world’s biggest brands on side – including Nike, Rolls-Royce, Goldman Sachs and BAE Systems. Her vision, married with helping the industry tackle a major skills gap and recruitment shortage, is helping turn the industry’s recruitment on its head.