Allyson Stewart-Allen

Awards night Tuesday 14th November Grosvenor House, London


Allyson Stewart-Allen is an international marketing advisor, broadcaster,  award-winning educator and author of both editions of the best-selling book Working with Americans.

Originally from Los Angeles and now based in London for over 30 years, she has advised over 260 businesses across 27 countries including BAE Systems, Burberry, Chanel, HSBC, Lufthansa, Ricoh, the UK’s Department for Business & Trade and more.

Besides her work with C-suite leaders to develop their leadership brands, she is a regular TV, radio and print contributor including for Al Jazeera, BBC, Deutsche Welle, Financial Times, France 24, and The Wall Street Journal.  She is also the creator of the recently-launched LinkedIn Learning course Leading International Growth.

Allyson earned her MBA with Dr. Peter Drucker and learned her craft working for PwC, PA Consulting Group and Hay Management Consultants.

Allyson is CEO of International Marketing Partners and an Associate Fellow at Said Business School Oxford University, Churchill College Cambridge University, Member of the Advisory Board of the British Business Excellence Awards and recently served as a Non-Executive Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.