Octopus Energy Group and Energisa join forces to empower Brazil’s energy clients

Leading energy and technology group, Octopus Energy Group, partners with Energisa Group, a prominent electricity and gas utility in Brazil, to advance the energy revolution in South America’s biggest country.

Designed to rapidly deploy cheap, green renewables at scale across Brazil, the partners will take a three-pronged approach – focusing on knowledge transfer, tech licensing and potential joint ventures.

Octopus is a global energy and technology company that aims to drive the affordable, green energy system of the future through its retail brand, its investments in renewables and its proprietary technology platform, Kraken.

Kraken has become the fastest growing energy software in the UK. The AI-enabled tech platform connects all dots of the energy value chain – from usage and industry data to weather forecasts – accelerating the rollout of smart energy products whilst ensuring smooth integration of assets like wind farms, solar and batteries.

The market-leading platform also greatly reduces costs for suppliers and improves customer service levels. It is now contracted to serve over 54 million energy accounts across the world and manage over 38 GW across 180,000 green energy assets in 12 countries.

Energisa is one of Brazil’s largest energy companies, serving over 8.5 million customers across twelve states. It is also a global leader in microgrid technology and has pioneered renewables-only systems in Amazonian villages such as Vila Restauração, freeing communities from their dependence on dirty and expensive fossil fuels.

Through “(re)energisa”, the company’s innovative energy solution brand, Energisa Group holds 363 MWp of installed power in distributed solar generation and 93 operational plants in five states of Brazil and 71 MWp of centralised solar generation.

Following the transfer of tech expertise, market insights and best practice examples, the companies will work together to optimise the management of Energisa’s batteries as well as solar farms, unlocking efficiencies whilst delivering greatly better service to customers.

As a final step, the companies will explore the viability of potential joint ventures for Brazil which may include launching an energy retail business, bringing Octopus’ popular EV charging roaming services ‘Electroverse’ to the country and exploring different flexibility market models.

Over 600,000 Brazilians are still without access to electricity, while one in ten of them are classified as living in energy poverty*, meaning millions could benefit from innovation in the energy industry.

Greg Jackson, Founder of Octopus Energy Group, comments: “Octopus Energy and Energisa are linking up to learn from each other, especially how cutting-edge tech can benefit Brazil and how to drive sustainable solutions in rural communities.

“This is a massive opportunity and can serve as a blueprint for similar countries and places with high fuel poverty. Through a combination of methods, our budding partnership will help build the future green energy system in South America – with world-class efficiency and customer service at the heart.”