Support For Ukraine

How the British are coming together to show their support for Ukraine!

The outrage sparked by Russia’s bombing campaign and invasion in recent weeks has prompted Britain’s businesses to kick into gear and lend their support to the Ukraine in any way possible.

Interested in hearing about what they’ve been up too…?

Shell is ending all the oil and natural gas trades with Russia and will shut down all operations in the country, and Papa John’s recently closed 188 franchise companies and officially ceased all operational, marketing, and business supporting the Russian market. Likewise, Diageo has terminated any shipments to retailers in the country, and iNews Media and Metro are reporting live news of this shocking conflict.

A group of more than 45 large businesses including Marks & Spencer, Asos, Lush, and Robert Walters advocates Emma Sinclaire’s initiative, the chief executive of Enterprise Alumni, pressuring the government in accelerating humanitarian partnership scheme for people fleeing Ukraine. A project that will offer job placements, shelter, and assistance in gaining language skills to thousands of refugees providing invaluable opportunities for Ukrainian refugees.

Additionally, British corporations are actively enabling contact between nations and aiding Ukrainians who are already on the ground. Vodafone UK, BT, and Three waved charges on calls to and from Ukraine, as well as roaming charges for any customers based in the country. Lloyds will be refunding money transfers to Ukraine and are providing a helpline for employees who have friends or family that have been impacted by this conflict. Similarly, FedEx is donating $1 million in in-kind shipping to organisations transporting supplies into the area, cooperating with non-governmental associations guaranteeing the safety of its own employees.

However, financing remains the most direct means of helping refugees, and again British companies have not failed us. The Virgin Atlantic Foundation is donating £125,000 to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and has pledged to fundraise up to £50,000 until 30th April. TESCO made a donation of £1 million to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal and is planning to raise up to £700,000 until the 21st of March.

Has Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sparked you to get your business involved in the rush of support?