Awards night Tuesday 14th November Grosvenor House, London


The Gateley Business Transformation of the Year Award

Has your business undergone a major transformation in the past 24 months? Has your business required a pandemic driven transformation? Have you moved to the cloud? Have you adopted technologies to help streamline processes? Have you had a restructure to enable your business to operate more effectively? Have you introduced more digital skills to the workforce? This Award goes to a business that has stepped away from the ‘usual’ processes to challenge itself and those within the business.

Judges will be looking for evidence of projects that have transformed the business. Judges will also be looking for evidence of research taken ahead of the project to assess the scope, then the teams that were assigned to the project (Third party? Finance? HR?), how the project timeline was adhered too and ultimately its demonstrable results.  Judges will look for meaningful measurements beyond profits and cost benefits to measure its success.

Entrants can enter a single project or an overall strategy.


Employee & Customer Engagement  – 25%

Leadership & Innovation – 25%

Organisational Ethics & Policies – 25%

Financial Performance & Growth – 25%

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