Awards night Tuesday 14th November Grosvenor House, London


The Business Enabler of the Year Award


Do you provide an outstanding service, solution or product for your customers? Do you consult to businesses to enable their growth or improve their productivity?

Has your company given your clients a competitive advantage that has enabled them to attract or retain their own customers?

This award celebrates businesses who help their customers to increase sales, profitability or performance through a competitive advantage, recognising the impact of ‘enablers’ that offer value beyond products, solutions and services.

Judges will look for evidence of how your organisation has enabled clients to:

  • Increase their own customers’ operational efficiency and employee engagement
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Generate increased revenue and profitability for their customers
  • Help their clients to assess challenges, innovate and implement improvements
  • Increase their customers’ own client base or customer loyalty
  • Improve the effectiveness of their clients’ leadership or management
  • Embed ethical or sustainable practices within their customers’ businesses


In this category judges will compare the extent to which each candidate has demonstrated excellence in the following areas:

  • Employee & Customer Engagement
  • Leadership & Innovation
  • Organisational Ethics & Policies
  • Financial Performance & Growth


25% Employee, 30% Leadership, 20% Organisational, 25% Financial


In a summary of no more than 350 words, please describe what your business does, the market in which it operates and what differentiates you from your competitors. Please include your key business achievements that are significant for your market sector or industry. (Please note that should you become a finalist the answer to this question will be used in external PR & Communications to explain who you are)

In no more than 1200 words, explain why you should win this award using the bullet points below as a guide:

  • Employee & Customer Engagement 25%
    • How your product, service, solution or platform increased your clients’ employee engagement?
    • Tell us how you empowered your customers’ employees to be more effective with a measurable impact on staff satisfaction.
    • What is your company doing to improve environmental, social or governance (ESG) impact within your clients’ organisations or their customers?
  • Leadership & Innovation 30%
    • How did you create a culture of improvement or innovation for your customers or clients?
    • Tell us about how you have innovated with technology, automation or better use of data to enable measurable improvement in your clients’ business – or helped them to innovate
    • Examples of how your product/service has improved leadership or enabled more effective management for your customers’ companies with client testimonials if possible.
  • Organisational Ethics & Policies 20%
    • What is your company doing to improve environmental, social or governance (ESG) impacts and how are these initiatives aligned with your commercial objectives and operations? How do you support your client’s ESG initiatives?
    • How has your approach to diversity and inclusion improved engagement, innovation or service within your own organisation and / or your clients’ organisation?
    • How does your approach to ESG or DE&I differentiate you as a solution, service or product provider?
  • Financial Performance & Growth
    • Demonstrable examples and/or case studies of commercial and financial success.
    • Demonstrate how you have achieved sustained growth in sales and profits.
    • How do you benchmark against your peers in terms of sales, profitability or market share?
    • Explanation of how your product or service has helped clients to gain a competitive advantage and / or achieve their commercial / growth objectives (i.e. profit/revenue, market share, expansion, staff etc).
    • Case studies with top line ROI data or other evidence of business impact.