Awards night Tuesday 14th November Grosvenor House, London


The Virgin Atlantic & Delta Air Lines Business Enabler of the Year Award

Does your business provide an outstanding service or product for your customers or clients, or does it offer consultancy to businesses to enable their growth?

If your company is all about helping your clients and customers gain a competitive advantage, it could be in line for the Business Enabler of the Year Award.

This award celebrates businesses that help their customers or clients increase sales and profitability and gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. It recognises the impact of enablers that offer value beyond products, infrastructure and services.

What makes a winner?

Judges will look for evidence of how your organisation’s product, service or infrastructure has enabled clients and customers to:

  • Increase their customers’ or clients’ operational efficiency
  • Empower their customers’ or clients’ employees to be more effective with a measurable impact on employee and customer satisfaction
  • Generate increased revenue and profitability for their customers or clients
  • Help their customers’ or clients’ assess challenges and innovate to help the business
  • Increase their customers’ or clients’ own customer/client base or loyalty by delivering improved customer/client relationships
  • Improve the effectiveness of their customers’ or clients’ leadership or management
  • Embed ethical or sustainable practices within their customers’ or clients’ businesses
  • Demonstrate clear leadership and communication towards the enabling cause

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