Jill Jenkinson

Awards night Tuesday 14th November Grosvenor House, London


Jill provides the strategic drive and direction for t-three but is also hands-on with clients getting involved in the challenges and opportunities they face.  Much of her current focus is upon designing and driving major transformations with clients around their ambitions, customer focus and ability to keep on transforming and getting better.


  • Design and delivery of leadership development and behavioural change programmes
  • Expert in Neurolinguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis
  • Designing and implementing culture change programmes for multi-nationals, across countries
  • Coaching senior executives in situ, either within the context of a new role or when facing major transformation or change and needing to create capacity and resilience in themselves and their teams

Client experience

  • Working with London Underground on their customer transformation programme which spans all leaders, refocusing them on the value they add to customer rather than the tube infrastructure.
  • Running a major leadership programme for Toyota which equips them to deliver ion their collective ambition and do business the way their customers want.
  • Designing and delivering a significantly improved customer experience though working with diverse teams in the Bank of England.
  • Working alongside Avios, to build customer loyalty and centricity though work with leaders and staff on the Superskills of great customer experience.

Key Qualifications:

  • BA (Hons), Dip. BIM and TEFL
  • Accredited in Facet5 psychometric tool
  • Practitioner in Transactional Analysis
  • Accredited in Thinking Styles psychometric tool
  • Accredited in 360 degree feedback and executive coaching
  • N.L.P. practitioner