British Business Excellence Awards Insights – what is the new normal for entrepreneurship in 2021 and beyond?

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Monday 28th June, 11am

Entrepreneurialism has taken a whole new meaning in 2020/21, the idea that we simply stand by and watch opportunities pass us by is no longer the status quo. According to the Centre for Entrepreneurs - Young people are more entrepreneurial than ever, starting twice as many businesses as the baby boomer generation according to recent data... On the other hand, research also revealed that 78% of polled millennial entrepreneurs came from families with a history of running their own business.

  • Are you an entrepreneur?
  • Want to know how to stand out and set your business apart?
  • What support is available to entrepreneurs?

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Jo Fairley

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Zara Lane, Origination Director, LDC

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Martin Mckay, CEO, Texthelp

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Josephine Philips, Sojo

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Julie Devonshire, Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute at King’s College London

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Jon Briggs - Chair

Broadcaster & Original voice of siri

Sarah Austin, Awards Director